Artful scarves inspired by the scientific exploration of the ocean.

We collaborate with marine scientists to create one-of-a-kind textile accessories that share the unseen beauty and knowledge of the ocean and inspire a deeper connection with our natural world.

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Our materials are our responsibility.

We envision a better, more connected world where humans are not separate from nature, but part of the ecosystem.

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Marine science is beautiful.

Sharing knowledge is activism. Every Crùbag product is paired with its ocean literacy content, and we give back 10% of our profits to support marine science research.

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Gachon Collection

Inspired by the secret life of algae.

We used unseen and breathtaking microscopy images to reveal the warfare between the brown marine alga Ectocarpus and the beautiful oomycete pathogen Eurychasma. Cutting-edge research on algae/pathogen interactions is shedding some light on how these interactions impact marine ecosystems.

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Flora Collection

The Flora Collection is inspired by the smallest of algae and their harmful blooms. It’s about red tides and so much more. The unseen natural patterns reveal the edgy ocean and how algae can impact marine ecosystems. We show the smallest of wonders in the sea that occasionally cause harm to marine life and humans.

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Designed in our studio in Scotland.

We are on a mission to bring fashion and marine science together through craftsmanship and art that reveals the unseen nature from the deepest parts of our planet: our ocean. Each scarf is finished by hand with love and care in the UK.