Artful scarves inspired by the sea

Ocean Inspired Design

Immerse yourself in a world of natural patterns and artful designs inspired by our breathtaking blue planet. From microscopic seas to coral gardens on deep-sea mounts, our textiles celebrate and reveal the often unseen beauty of our oceans.

At least 10% of our profits go to marine science institutions supporting important environmental research. Every purchase matters. Be a game changer, this is our only home.

Our Plastic Oceans Notebook Collection

Microscopic Seas

Design inspired by the scientific exploration of the ocean. We used microscopy images of tiny marine algae and collaborated with ocean scientists to create the Gachon and Flora collections. Did you know that every third breath we take has oxygen produced from phytoplankton photosynthesis?

Gachon Collection

Flora Collection

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The Power of Small

The Power of Small

Every third breath we take has oxygen produced from phytoplankton photosynthesis.

If good things come in small packages then the microscopic world is a very exciting parcel indeed. We are surrounded by micro-organisms. Life started billions of years ago with microbes and there have been microscopic wars waged and pacts created ever since, driven by the need to adapt to a changing environment. There are microscopic organisms that support larger organisms like the beautiful relationship between algae and coral polyps and those that seek to exploit like the infection of algae by pathogens. All of this is for survival.

Flora Collection - Harmful algal blooms and why they matter

Flora Collection - Harmful algal blooms and why they matter

Discover the inspiration behind the Flora Collection. Algae are a large and diverse collection of organisms living almost everywhere on the planet where there is water. They range from microscopic individual organisms invisible to the naked eye, to the more familiar coastal seaweed. Like plants, algae have the ability to photosynthesise, or put simply, make energy from the sun.

Gachon Collection - The secret life of algae

Gachon Collection - The secret life of algae

This is the story behind the Gachon Collection. Algae, or seaweed, play a vital role in marine ecology, providing shelter and food for marine life, think kelp forests, and also in human life, both as a source of food and animal feed. Seaweed is currently being cultivated on a test site off the Isle of Kerrera, Scotland for a multitude of uses including food, fertiliser and cosmetics. We are yet to identify how cultivated seaweed will interact with native populations. Therefore, understanding algae – what makes them thrive and what makes them vulnerable to disease-causing pathogens and parasites – are an increasingly important area of scientific research.

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