The ocean as never seen before

We envision a better, more connected world where humans are not separate from nature but part of the ecosystem.

Crùbag scarves

Every Crùbag scarf shares a story about our beautiful planet, our only home.

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Marine science is beautiful

Crùbag was founded in Scotland in 2013 with a noble mission - to unite art, fashion, and marine science through craftsmanship and textiles that reveal the hidden and unexplored beauty and knowledge of our ocean. Through every purchase, you can help us celebrate and communicate the world-class marine science that is paving the way for a better understanding and protection of our beautiful planet.

Featuring the Seamount Collection

Inspired by the organisms which inhabit the mountains under the sea.

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The Climate Change Collection

A colourful collection inspired by climate change from the ocean perspective. A love letter to the planet.

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Introducing the new SAMS Ocean Explorer Tartan

Made in Scotland

The new SAMS Ocean Explorer tartan was designed and made in Scotland to celebrate the beauty of the seas and the important historical and ongoing discoveries made by marine scientists in Scotland. It is a symbol that unites the Ocean Clan, a global community of ocean champions and ocean lovers.

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Crùbag for business

Crùbag provides bespoke design, project management and consulting services for purpose-driven organizations. Check out our latest collaboration with Intelligent Growth Solutions: The IGS Collection - Plant Science is Beautiful.

"It was a pleasure to work with Crùbag all the way from initial ideation, to bringing the designs to COP28. We love how they turned out!" The IGS team.

Read the IGS x Crùbag case study

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