Crùbag is an interdisciplinary textile design studio based in Scotland.

Inspired design by the scientific exploration of the ocean

Hello! Welcome to our website. We merge art and science and collaborate with marine scientists and research institutions to create artful textile accessories that reveal the unseen beauty of our planet, share knowledge of the ocean and inspire a deeper connection with nature.

Every scarf is an intimate love letter to our planet—our only home.

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Marine science is beautiful.

It is our mission to bring art, fashion and environmental education together through craftsmanship and textiles that reveal the unseen and inaccessible nature from the deepest parts of our planet: our ocean.

Fashion can be good, good for people and good for our planet.

I want people wearing a Crùbag scarf to feel strong, confident and connected to something bigger. It is about sharing a beautiful moment, a sense of peace, love, and harmony— a powerful story about our planet.

Jessica Giannotti, Founder of od Crùbag.

About us

Our materials are our responsibility.

Meaningful products are our impact. We will not make products only to sell. Instead, we will only make high quality, thoughtful products that share a little window of wonder into the world of marine science and our planet. We will continue to work hard to be as sustainable and ethical as possible with our material choices.

Sustainability Manifesto

Sharing knowledge is activism.

Our products are love letters to the ocean, sharing its hidden beauty, scientific discoveries and highlighting important environmental issues. We pair our products with ocean literacy content and give back 10% of our profits to support marine science research and environmental education.

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