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Blue Carbon organic silk scarf

Blue Carbon organic silk scarf

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Blue carbon and the zooplankton plastic pump. Blue Carbon scarf depicts beautiful zooplankton in a brief moment, frozen in time— a glimpse into the dark ocean abyss.

Colourful plastic particles and fibres mix with zooplankton on this edgy and ocean-inspired scarf. Did you know that microplastics pollution could reduce the ocean's capacity to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere?

Product description

-Designed in Scotland.
-Size: 90cm x 90cm.
-Design printed on (GOTS certified) 100% organic silk twill.
-Each scarf is finished by hand with hand-rolled edges.
-Made in the UK with care and love.
-Dry Clean Only.

Your scarf comes inside a beautiful plastic-free, embossed Crùbag gift box with a special Climate Change Collection booklet, sharing the science stories and images that inspired the collection. You also receive a Marine Science is Beautiful postcard. 

Inspiration and science story

We collaborated with British Antarctic Survey and used the Zooplankton Plastic Pump image by Dr Clara Manno, British Antarctic Survey, as the basis for our design. Her project was part of UK Universities COP26 Network's Innovation Showcase. We shared the story behind the design in the 'Scientific Story' section and on our Climate Change Collection Booklet.

The ocean absorbs about 30% of atmospheric CO2, helping mitigate the effects of climate change, with huge benefits for our society. Zooplankton, tiny marine organisms with a global biomass higher than that of humans, play an important role in this process through the so-called Blue Carbon pathway. They promote the transport and storage of large quantity of carbon to the deep oceanic sediments through the sinking of their faeces, moults and carcasses and through their movement along the water column.

Nowadays, this process is potentially threatened by a global emerging stressor: plastic pollution. Once in the ocean, plastic litter breaks down into millions of small fragments called microplastics, which can find their way into zooplankton. The amount of plastic entering our oceans is increasing worldwide, with global implications for the health of our planet.

Once in the ocean, plastic litter breaks down into millions of small fragments called microplastics (< 1 mm), which can then be ingested by zooplankton, thus lowering the sinking velocity of their faeces, moults and carcasses. Researchers at British Antarctic Survey suspect that the pathway of plastic from the ocean surface to the depth, when incorporated into zooplankton (named the Zooplankton Plastic Pump), will interfere with the capability of the ocean to regulate atmospheric CO2 emissions.

The potential decrease in carbon storage in the deep sea related to the Zooplankton Plastic Pump can affect our planet's natural buffering capacity and welfare for society.

Positive impact

Each scarf is paired with its written ocean literacy story, sharing the science and images that inspired the collection. 

Every purchase helps fund and communicate leading research. Our impact partners are dedicated to solving global issues through marine science. 

By wearing your Crùbag products and sharing the story, you are part of the ocean advocacy movement, educating, inspiring others around you.

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