About Crùbag

Inspired design by the scientific exploration of the ocean. Crùbag is an ocean-focused interdisciplinary textile design studio and materials innovation lab based in Scotland. Meaningful products paired with their science story is our impact. Every scarf is an intimate love letter to our planet—our only home. Sharing the unseen beauty and knowledge of the ocean is our reason to be. 

The team

Born in Scotland

Jessica Giannotti, a marine scientist from Venezuela with connections to Italy and Germany, founded Crùbag after completing her studies in Scotland. With over 10 years of experience in applied marine sciences and textiles, she is an accomplished inventor, innovator, and fashion entrepreneur. Prior to founding Crùbag, she worked for seven years at a Berlin-based management consultancy firm and provided services to leading global clients. Jessica speaks four languages and considers herself a global citizen.

Biologist and talented artist Lisa Gutcher joined the team as a studio assistant. Here, she is wearing the Climate Change is Real Black and White scarf.

Our studio is located at SAMS, the oldest independent marine research institute in Scotland, by the sea in Argyll in the Scottish Highlands. We propose a new aesthetics that is rooted in love, curiosity and the search for scientific knowledge to advance society and protect our planet.

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Our products

Made with love

Crùbag creates colourful and vibrant accessories that celebrate the beauty and diversity of our oceans. We use scientific images of the oceans and high-quality materials to develop ethically made accessories with a story.

Our ethos is to seek the most sustainable forms of printing and weaving, reducing waste by using offcuts and print errors in the creation of new products. We avoid using plastic wherever possible. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind collectable piece made with love and care for people and the environment.

Sustainability Manifesto

Knowledge is power

Sharing ocean literacy

Each product from Crùbag comes with an ocean literacy card or booklet explaining the story that inspired the collection.

You can support our mission to celebrate and communicate the world-class science that is helping us further understand and protect our planet.

By purchasing and wearing your Crùbag products and sharing the story, you are part of the ocean advocacy movement, educating and inspiring others around you.

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brand name

Meaning of Crùbag

Did you know that "Crùbag" is the Gaelic word for crab? This word not only sounds unique, but it also has a distinct meaning. Our crab design is a testament to the beauty of nature. It was inspired by the asymmetric fiddler crabs from Venezuelan mangroves and the mesmerising blues, exuding a playful charm and representing a healthy ocean and biodiversity.

Impact partners

We merge art and science and collaborate with marine scientists and leading science institutions, drawing inspiration from their research to create artful textile collections and new sustainable materials from the ocean that reveal the unseen beauty of our planet, share knowledge of the ocean and inspire a deeper connection with nature. We reinvest a large proportion of our revenue into our outreach and science communication activities.

our Main impact partner

Ocean in balance with SAMS

The Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) is Scotland's largest and oldest independent marine science organisation, founded by Sir John Murray in 1884 after the Challenger Expedition. SAMS is also our main impact partner, our home and our founder's alma mater.

As a global charity and leading research organisation, SAMS is solving huge global issues through marine science, playing a vital role in creating a stronger planet through healthier oceans.

Every purchase supports SAMS' leading research and important work towards solving global issues through marine science. Together, we can inspire others to join us in being part of the solution.

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Our impact partners

Industry led collaborations and business to business services

Crùbag is a direct-to-consumer brand, business-to-business service provider, and innovation hub. Over the years, it has grown into an international community where artists, scientists, thinkers, and people from all walks of life come together to celebrate, discuss and promote a healthy ocean, environmental education, and colourful living. As a result, new ideas, new materials, and a new aesthetics are starting to emerge. Our mission is to share this renewed sense of purpose and colourful ocean-inspired world with our customers and support them in their journey.

working with others

Business to business services

At Crùbag, we offer a wide range of bespoke design and consultancy services for value-aligned organisations.

We are excited to share a new article about our latest B2B collaboration, featuring the IGS Collection: Plant Science is Beautiful. 

"Just look and wonder at these amazing silk scarves designed by our friend Jessica Giannotti at Crùbag, including microscopic imagery supplied by our friends at The James Hutton Institute. Some of these gifts are in the hands of world leaders and royal families, thanks to the contacts we made at COP28." David Farquhar, CEO, IGS.

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Ocean Futures Lab: SeaDyes®

By working at the interception of applied marine science, sustainable aquaculture and textiles, we are committed to fostering sustainable blue growth and driving positive change in the textile industry through creativity, collaboration, and innovation.

Crùbag's Ocean Futures Lab vision is to drive science-based development and to support people, organisations and the design industry with sustainable material solutions from the ocean that are beautiful and better than plastic.

We are introducing our first spinout, SeaDyesSeaDyes®: a seaweed-based dye innovation for fashion and textiles.

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