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The Anthropocene organic silk scarf

The Anthropocene organic silk scarf

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A story about tropical coral reefs and climate change.

This design was inspired by coral reef reproduction in times of rapid climate change. It is a love letter to the planet, showing the natural environment from the perspective of the Anthropocene—the Epoch in recent history where human activities are having an impact on the planet and its climate. 

Product description

Designed in Scotland.
Size: 90cm x 90cm.
100% organic silk twill.
Hand-rolled edges.
Made in the UK.
Dry clean only.

Every scarf is accompanied by the Climate Change Collection booklet, and is presented in a luxurious Crùbag gift box.

Inspiration and science story

Coral reefs support more than 500 million people worldwide. They are home to a quarter of all marine species making them incredibly beautiful sites because they sustain a diverse community of organisms. Sadly, approximately 75% of the world’s coral reefs are currently threatened by local and global pressures. As a consequence corals are the living group moving towards increased extinction risk most rapidly.

The biggest threat that coral reefs are currently facing on a global scale is climate change. The production of carbon dioxide from human activities has resulted in an increase of global temperature by 1.2°C since the Industrial Era, with the oceans absorbing 93% of the heat emissions generated by human activities. Consequently, seawater temperature increases in tropical areas during the last two centuries have been more frequent, lasted longer, and reached higher values over time.

As a result, five fatal mass bleaching events have affected hundreds of reefs around the world. Only during the last mass bleaching event, the Great Barrier Reef lost half of its coral cover, and during the last 30 years, coral cover worldwide has decreased by 20%. Without drastic intervention, we risk losing most coral reefs. One intervention currently under research is selective breeding.

After identifying coral colonies that have a high tolerance to heat stress, these are bred together. The resulting baby corals that are expected to inherit the tolerance from their parents are transplanted to degraded reefs or areas that are projected to be subjected to high seawater temperatures under future climate change scenarios. This is an intervention aiming to buy time for corals so that they can adapt to the fast warming conditions that our planet is currently experiencing.

Scarf inspired by studies of coral reef reproduction in times of rapid climate change. We developed the design using research images from Palau in collaboration with our scientists' partners Dr Adriana Humanes and Dr James Guest, Coral Assist Lab, Newcastle University.

Positive impact

Each scarf is paired with its written ocean literacy story, sharing the science and images that inspired the collection. 

Every purchase helps fund and communicate leading research. Our impact partners are dedicated to solving global issues through marine science. 

By wearing your Crùbag products and sharing the story, you are part of the ocean advocacy movement, educating, inspiring others around you.

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