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Penguin Planet Look Closely organic silk scarf

Penguin Planet Look Closely organic silk scarf

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Remote penguin colonies and climate change. 

This scarf reveals a unique view of our planet, a view of Adélie penguin colonies in the Antarctic. The Heroína Island, at the northeast end of the Danger Islands in the Antarctic, hosts over 500,000 Adélie penguins, the third-largest colony known. 

Product description

Designed in Scotland.
Size: 90cm x 90cm.
100% organic silk twill.
Hand-rolled edges.
Made in the UK.
Dry clean only.

Every scarf is accompanied by the Climate Change Collection booklet, and is presented in a luxurious Crùbag gift box.

Inspiration and science story

The Antarctic region is one of the most remote and inaccessible places on Earth. The Danger Islands lie at the northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula and are home to over 1.5 million Adélie penguins, more than all other colonies in the region combined. Many penguin colonies have not been visited for decades, therefore determining how penguins might be responding to climate change, krill fishery and marine mammal populations is impossible for many sites. High-resolution satellite and aerial photography can be a powerful tool to carry out remote wildlife studies, transforming our understanding of penguin populations.

British Antarctic Survey's Antarctic Peninsula Penguin Census (APPC) project plans to measure penguin population change against a 2013 baseline survey, assessing the combined impacts of regional ecosystem change, including climate change. Over half of the 500+ known colonies have no recent population estimate in this century. The image highlights the size of some penguin colonies.

The resolution of the aerial image is about 5cm, allowing individual birds to be counted with computer-assisted techniques. This information is vital to assess climate change-related impacts on penguins, including habitat change and effects on krill abundance and distribution, providing an ecosystem 'health check' and informing future management options.

Monitoring is now essential in the context of a changing climate, particularly for the Antarctic Peninsula, which is one of the fastest-warming parts of the Southern Ocean.

The design was inspired by the Penguin Metropolis project, an aerial image by Nathan Fenney, British Antarctic Survey, part of UK Universities COP26 Network's Innovation Showcase. The aerial image was taken during an airborne survey in November 2019 as part of the British Antarctic Survey's Antarctic Peninsula Penguin Census (APPC) project.

Positive impact

Each scarf is paired with its written ocean literacy story, sharing the science and images that inspired the collection. 

Every purchase helps fund and communicate leading research. Our impact partners are dedicated to solving global issues through marine science. 

By wearing your Crùbag products and sharing the story, you are part of the ocean advocacy movement, educating, inspiring others around you.

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