Richard Shucksmith: Cinematic Wildlife Photography

Richard Shucksmith: Cinematic Wildlife Photography

This first blog entry is dedicated to a very special member of our Ocean Tribe: the award-winning British wildlife photographer Richard Shucksmith. Richard's cinematic and emotionally charged images take you to a journey of discovery, self-reflection and marvel. He surprises the viewer with unique snapshots of precious moments in nature, not shying away from its rawness and its fragility but also showing the majestic beauty and diversity of our beautiful planet. 

I hope to inspire you to follow his work and join our community of passionate ocean lovers. 

Richard Shucksmith

As an experienced diver, Richard is able to show us the world from both, above and below the water line. Richard’s work stands out and has a unique perspective and rawness that immediately connects you with the subject depicted and its context. As an artist his work is characterised by colour intensity, depth and layers of meaning that have the power to elicit in us strong feelings of love and connection. As a scientist, Richard is also documenting and educating us about environmental issues and the ecology of the habitats he portrays, inspiring us to further understand and conserve the natural environment we are part of. His disciplined approach, emotional connection and knowledge of the marine environment are combined with his skills in capturing the right frames at the right time.

I am very grateful to Richard for believing in Crùbag from the very beginning. He was one of our early supporters before we had anything to show. Crùbag thrives on collaboration and we work with passionate leaders in their fields to bring you a unique and personal insight into the world of oceans, creativity and environmental literacy. Some of the iconic images you will find on our website and social media channels were taken by Richard.

Richard Shucksmith - Gannets feeding in the Shetland Islands

In his own words, Richard shares a bit more about himself and his work:
"I am fascinated by the natural world that surrounds us and we are part of. Inquisitive by nature I love being outside following, watching and observing animal behaviour. Early morning is one of my favourite times when most people are asleep but outside of the warm cosy house, a whole world is waking up. It’s a quiet time from man-made noise and the sounds of the natural world dominate the soundscape. Beautiful light falls across the land and the sense of wilderness and isolation is excitingly overpowering. It feels, smells and looks magical and it’s what I enjoy most about my photography being out in these beautiful wild places watching nature.
I studied marine biology and marine ecology, I’m a keen diver and underwater photographer. One of my favourite places is the coast as it has a wide variety of habitats, species and dramatic seascapes. For me, the sea encompasses the power, turmoil and beauty of the world in which we live.
Using photography I aim to tell stories about places, the environment and the animals and plants that live there. Whether I manage this or not is up to you decide. All I know, it’s incredibly enjoyable trying”.

Richard and his family are now based in the Shetland Islands, the ideal backdrop to witness soft moments of sea otters showing tender maternal love alongside feeding frenzies where gannet and fish fight for survival. He has become the go-to person for the elusive sea otters and offers workshops and photography tours right there where all exciting nature moments happen. For more information please go to Shetland Photo Tours

Richard Shucksmith - tiny shrimp

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