A new sense of luxury

A new sense of luxury

Science and art are two not so distant expressions of the same attempt to try to make sense and understand the world around us. The former through the study of the tangible physical and elemental reality of our planet and the universe we live in. The latter, through our own perceptions, interpretations, and experiences of the world that surrounds us. We need to teach future generations to understand, respect and admire other creatures, the elements of nature and the interdependent systems that make this planet habitable and beautiful.


Image 2: Shoal of fish on Raja Ampat reef by Richard Shucksmith.

Presenting hidden nature in its most beautiful splendour through artful textiles as a medium will hopefully bring the tangible world of science into the intangible world of ideas, emotions and the soul, and therefore bring our minds closer to our hearts. This is a calling.


Image 3: microscopy image of Phytoplankton by Claire Gachon.

Without a heart, profit-only business models are like abandoned ghost nets. At Crùbag, we started a community where artists, scientists and thinkers come together to celebrate, discuss and save the ocean. We created a business with a soul and the mission to share the unseen beauty of our planet, promote marine science education and the sustainable use of our seas.

Crùbag is a love letter to the planet and to you.

Image 4: Crùbag's founder Jessica Giannotti at her studio by WIRE.

Now more than ever, we all see the imperative of integrating sustainability into all core aspects of our work and daily lives so that we can continue to thrive in harmony with nature. This leaves us with the question – what is luxury today? What does it mean? We are redefining luxury as a better, more connected world where humans are not separate from nature but a part of the ecosystem. This new luxury is inclusive, tangible and experiential at the same time. But it is also a privilege that comes with responsibilities and some soul-searching. We can elevate ourselves to the best we can be through kindness, acceptance and, love and appreciation of the beauty, seen and unseen, around us. Marine science is beautiful, and we can all be beautiful too if we choose to. Beauty irradiates from within, from the grounded peaceful self. That’s why we believe everything is beautiful, like the life forms living below the surface of the ocean.


Image 5: Crùbag Conchas Red silk scarf by Gilberto Martinez.

How do we share this beauty and love? To do that, we collaborate with marine scientists and develop artful textile collections and new materials paired with their ocean-literacy stories focusing on unseen natural aesthetics, sustainability and the blue economy. By promoting and producing more sustainable products, we are inspiring people to respond, understand, and be more aware of their world, a bigger and deeper world full of beauty, awe-inducing settings and wonder. Suddenly we realise we are not alone anymore.


Image 6: Arctic seascape view from the forecastle by Callum Whyte.

By combining cutting edge technology, sustainable practices and skilled craftsmanship, we are creating something unique that resonates with the elemental nature of our inspiration and biological connection to the ecosystems in the ocean. Through our tangible textiles with unique stories about our marine environment, you can explore the ocean with us and feel connected. This is a new sense of luxury.

Crùbag’s collections appeal to the emotions with our colourful designs and philosophy behind our work as well as to the more logical aspect through our educational materials.


Image 7: Microplastic fibre under the microscope by Winnie Courtene-Jones.

By connecting the two, we acknowledge the complexity of humanity and our need to link heart and mind, thus allowing us to move forward to a better and more sustainable future.

We identified a gap in the transition between the future of luxury and the current position. The timing is perfect for introducing a new sense of luxury that is not based on prestige and status but that is connected to a more experiential aspect with a deeper meaning, bigger than us, through unique curated products with a real added value.


Image 9: Marie-Mathilde Perrineau showing our Iphimediidae Armour Scarf.

The fashion and textile industries have the potential to be more sustainable through making products in a way that minimises their impact on the environment, supports people and the communities involved in manufacturing with good wages and working conditions, as well as making them desirable and aspirational. The craftsmanship, sense of place, and uniqueness associated with luxury continue but are now complemented or rather completed with a new sense of purpose and fulfilment.

Marine science is beautiful. You are beautiful.

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