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Our Plastic Oceans Notebook - by Krishnan


Description - This design was created by Krishnan during an art and science workshop as part of the ‘Our Plastic Oceans’ project run by Crùbag, in collaboration with Taynuilt Primary School, Renuka Ramanujam, & the Scottish Association of Marine Science (SAMS). 

We, the children of primary 7/6 at Taynuilt Primary School in Scotland, wanted to communicate a message:

My Design"My design is of dead animals getting washed around in the water in the Arctic. They are surrounded by plastic such as disintegrating rope, can rings and microplastics. Some of the plastic is going in to the hollows in the ice. 

My favourite type of printing is mono printing because you can draw things on the paper and then put pressure on the ink so it creates an ink drawing.

I think the future will get worse because people will try to make things cheaper by not making ships as strong to save money on metal so there is going to be more oil spills as the ships might not be as strong. We need to stop plastic use." - Krishnan, P6, Taynuilt Primary. 

Giving Back - £5.00 from the purchase of each notebook are donated to Taynuilt Primary School.  The money collected will be managed by the pupils who will choose how much will go to plastic pollution research charities and institutions like SAMS and how much will be used to purchase new science equipment for the school that may otherwise be inaccessible. 

Composition and Size - Notebooks are A5 in size. Traditionally hand-bound with organic cotton and high quality paper. Actual colours may vary from the website display.

Join the mission - These sustainable, colourful and ocean-inspired notebooks are designed by children because they care and want to do more, they are such an inspiration! Each notebook is a bundle of joy and a conversation starter. Every purchase supports marine science and important teaching initiatives to bring environmental sciences closer to the primary pupils right before they go to high school. Don't miss out on these rare collectable pieces. Be part of the mission. 

Our Plastic Oceans Notebook - by Krishnan
Our Plastic Oceans Notebook - by Krishnan
Our Plastic Oceans Notebook - by Krishnan