Blue Green Lush Silk Pocket Square


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This pocket square is super cool and beautiful. We used microscopy images of cyanobacteria cultures from samples taken in the Byers Peninsula, Antarctica. We created a silk square that shows the intricate patterns of cyanobacteria cultures with its unicellular and filamentous species cohabiting. During the Precambrian, around 2.4 billion years ago, tiny microbial organisms called cyanobacteria or blue-green algae instigated the greatest change in the earth’s atmosphere so far – biological production of oxygen by photosynthesis. This oxygenated our planet, paving the path for more complex lifeforms to emerge including us humans. Through our design process, we manipulated the colours and the shapes of these intricate cultures and created a pattern that shows their characteristics but also added new shapes and a twist to it. Inspired by computer circuits, how cities and society are built and how we are all interconnected with each other, this design takes us on a journey of discovery. Find the glowing cells, circuit like shapes or ancient Mayan forms hidden in the pattern.  

Together, with you, we are on a mission to raise awareness and save the oceans

We'll give 10% of our profits to research institutions like the Scottish Association for Marine Science and others to support science education, marine conservation and important research tackling the environmental issues of our time including climate change, ocean acidification and ocean plastic pollution. Every product is paired with ocean-literacy stories for you. We hope you share these stories with other people and spread the message about our oceans. 
Your Crùbag products are ethical, made with love and care for people and the environment. As part of our sustainable production goals, we make small batches and keep limited stock.

"With every item purchased, you have a tangible reminder of our beautiful blue planet, learn about the ocean and feel inspired to take positive actions. Every piece is a conversation starter and contributes towards healthier oceans and a better understanding of our relationship with the sea." 

Jessica Giannotti, Crùbag's founder.



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