Ocean Futures Lab

For a more sustainable use of the ocean and a more sustainable fashion industry.

Materials beautiful and better than plastic.

Our Mission is to:

Inspire and support the design industry with sustainable material solutions from the ocean.

Foster innovation and science-based development through interdisciplinary collaborations between the blue economy and creative industries while ensuring its responsible growth.

Bridge the gap between marine science, aquaculture and the fashion industry and promote regenerative aquaculture and responsible sourcing to ensure longterm environmental sustainability.

Minimise the pressure on natural resources by diversifying the supply chain with sustainable raw materials from the ocean as the basis of a low-carbon circular zero-waste business model.

Contribute to the advancement of research and development in product afterlife to prevent and reduce marine pollution.

Draw awareness to the oceans, marine life and environmental issues by inspiring and empowering design-led brands with materials more beautiful and better than plastic.

We are an interdisciplinary materials innovation lab and knowledge hub for a more sustainable use of the ocean and a more sustainable fashion industry.




Knowledge Hub - Coming Soon.

We are developing a library of science and industry-related articles around and interlinking sustainability in fashion and textiles, marine science and aquaculture guided by our community of industry experts, scientists and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.





We would love to support your efforts to be a more sustainable organisation and make the right choices based on facts and science. If you are interested in tailored reports, fact sheets for policy briefings and other bespoke information, please do get in touch in the form below or email hello@crubag.co.uk








SEAQUINS, by Crùbag Ocean Futures Lab, is a capsule collection of innovative embellishment materials for industry designers. As a positive impact substitute for the conventional PET disks we see today, SEAQUINS is a modular product that will help drive the blue economy’s material revolution.




An exciting project by the Scottish Association for Marine Science in partnership with Crùbag Ocean Futures Lab to explore the use of seaweed as a sustainable feedstock for dye extraction and application in the textile industry: screening, extraction and dyeing.


Crùbag Ocean Futures Lab is a new exciting platform started by Crùbag in collaboration with world-class marine scientists, renewed industry and science organisations, and specialists in sustainable aquaculture and material science. More about our project partners soon.

Meet the team.

Jessica Giannotti

Jessica Giannotti is the founder and creative director of Crùbag, a Scotland-based lifestyle brand dedicated to spreading ocean literacy through beautifully crafted textile prints and products. With a BSc (Hons) in Marine Science, Jessica has established relationships with scientists and research institutions around the world, as well as with biotechnology companies based in Scotland and Europe. Her company, Crùbag Ltd, is situated at the oldest marine institute in Scotland and one of the oldest ocean labs in the world, the Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS), which is also her Alma Mater. Previously Jessica worked as a management consultant and market researcher in Berlin, where she successfully develop benchmark salary reports for the world top strategy consulting firms and nurtured relationships and increased trade with international clients in South America, Singapore, Austria, Germany, Italy, USA, Mexico, Spain. Crùbag was a finalist at the World Trade Organisation’s Open to Export International Business Awards, and has been shown at major initiatives such as the Climate Show 2019 in Lausanne and Scoop in London.

Fiona Fung

Fiona Fung, co-founder of Tangenym, is a designer who believes good taste is good for the environment. After working in fashion for several years and realising the industry’s major social and environmental implications, Fiona wanted to explore new design research that uses intelligent imagination with consideration for the environment. During her Masters thesis in London, she looked at how algae could be used as a material resource that replaced petroleum-based products. This research was selected as Top 3 for the first Kering Sustainability Award 2015 (Stella McCartney). Fiona has since developed a professional skill set that focuses on sustainable design, branding, material innovation and product conceptualisation. Fiona has ten years experience in the fashion and luxury sector and has worked with over 75 brands across her career in London, Milan, New York, Hong Kong and Canada. She holds an MA in Fashion Futures from London College of Fashion, a Distinction from Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, and a Distinction in BSc. Textiles & Clothing from the University of Alberta. Fiona was a BoF Voices Top 50 Shortlist in 2016, and has been featured in the Guardian and Vogue.

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