About Us

Marine science is beautiful

And vital to understanding and protecting our planet. At Crùbag, we merge ocean science and art to create bold designs and colourful accessories to bring joy, raise awareness and save our oceans.

Every design is a collaboration. Every piece is a conversation. We work directly with researchers and environmental institutions from all over Scotland and beyond to bring to light the hidden stories of the depths. Wear a beautiful piece and become an ocean activist and educator.

Our history

Crùbag is a unique Scottish brand started by Jessica Giannotti in Dec 2013. Her vision was simple: to merge marine science, art, and design to create iconic accessories and bold prints inspired by the unseen aspects of our magnificent oceans.

To achieve this goal, we work directly with researchers and environmental institutions from all over Scotland and beyond to carefully bring to light the hidden story of the depths. 

We encourage every customer to find inspiration in our work and empower them with the knowledge necessary to discuss the biggest environmental issues of our time. Every design is a collaboration. Every piece is a conversation.

Giving back

Crùbag supports marine science and education by sharing at least 10% of all profit with research institutions. We pair our designs and products with groundbreaking ocean literacy content to leave every visitor with a little piece of knowledge.

Connect with nature, reveal the unexpected beauty of our magnificent oceans, and support cutting-edge science. 


At Crùbag, your ethics are our priorities. By using natural fabrics, recycled materials, and unique cuts in the creation of new products, we are continually finding new and innovative ways to be a zero waste company. We are also moving towards a clear and traceable supply chain, cooperating with manufacturers and suppliers that share our passion for environmental, social, and economic sustainability. Our dream is to create a new sense of luxury that is not based on prestige and status — but is grounded in a need for a deeper connection to the natural world.

Sustainable production

We chose digital printing, which uses fewer chemicals, waste, and water in the printing process than traditional screen printing. We can offer bespoke services, small limited edition runs, and can scale up when needed. We believe in creating high quality, treasured products made with love. Digital printing also allows us to be free with our designs, since we are able to print millions of colours and work with microscopy images without flattening out or doing colour separations.

Reducing the plastic used in packaging and storage of our products is key; eliminating plastic entirely is our goal. As a rule, we try to find ways to avoid the use of plastic for storage, delivery, packaging, and transport of our products.

Please join us on our journey as we develop an ethical and sustainable brand we all can be proud of. We hope to lead by example to inspire others to do what they can. We have exciting plans for the year 2020 to further incorporate environmental and social sustainability throughout the company. 



Jessica Giannotti is the founder of Crùbag. Originally born in Venezuela, Jessica has also Italian heritage which permeates her through her work and is a constant source imagination.

She is responsible for the design and creation of the collections. A significant portion of her time is spent reaching out to marine scientists, research institutions, and other organisations in order to stay at the forefront of the field and gain new insights and inspiration.

Jessica is a unique mix of artist and researcher. Not only does she posses an immense creative spirit, she is also a marine science graduate and fully understands the world of design, ocean sciences, and environmental education.


Romaric (Remy) Moncrieffe is a master’s student in the Aquaculture, Environment, and Society program at the Scottish Association of Marine Sciences. Originally from Fairfax, Virginia, United States with Jamaican heritage, Remy has always been one to lose himself in nature. With his passion for science and his skill in writing and science communication, Remy is best known for distilling complex and convoluted topics into simple, powerful messages. His hobbies include music, reading, and long walks on the beach.


Maeve Eason Hubbard is a marine botanist from Melbourne, Australia. Her heart lies with the sea, the wilderness, and the inter-connectivity between us and the natural world. Maeve likes to make sense of the chaos — finding hidden patterns in seemingly random data and organising the collective minds behind Crùbag. When not in the office, you can usually find her by the water or up a mountain.


Emily Woolard has ten years' experience in the financial services industry and currently works for a private multi-family office. She has followed and supported Crubag's journey for a number of years and now uses her strategy, marketing and finance knowledge to act as a non-executive advisor to the business.

Emily has a degree in languages & linguistics from the University of Oxford and is currently working towards her MBA with Edinburgh Business School. She moved to the west coast of Scotland in 2017 and spends her free time exploring this beautiful area on foot, by kayak or by air.

Our studio

Is an old teaching lab by the beach. We are right there at the source of inspiration and developed a strong sense of place. With a studio in an old teaching lab at the Scottish Marine Institute in the beautiful Highlands of Oban, Scotland, Crùbag draws constant energy from its surroundings. We are just a few meters from the stunning beaches and coastal zones of Dunstaffnage and Ardmucknish Bays and close to the world-class scientists of the Scottish Association for Marine Science, where the inspiration for our collections is born.