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Marine Science is Beautiful

At Crùbag, we merge marine science and art to create bold designs and colourful accessories to bring joy, raise awareness and save our oceans.

Every product is paired with its science story and inspiration, adding extra value to your purchased item. Wear a beautiful piece and become an ocean activist and educator.

Inspired by the sea

Crùbag is a unique Scottish brand started by Jessica Giannotti in Dec 2013.

We merge marine science, art, and design to create iconic accessories and bold print designs inspired by the unseen aspects of our magnificent oceans. The mission is to inspire, raise awareness and support our oceans.

Each collection is inspired by the sea and an exciting marine science project. We use science images of the ocean and work closely with marine scientists and research institutions like the Scottish Association for Marine Science to maintain factual integrity and create collections inspired by their exiting work. Each item is paired with its science story and creative inspiration. 

By working at the interface of ocean sciences, art, and environmental education, we can further explore the relationship between people and the sea. Crùbag is a platform to find inspiration and beauty, to empower people to learn about the oceans, to take positive actions and to discuss some of the biggest environmental issues of our time. 

Our products are tangible reminders of the beauty, vastness and diversity of our planet. They bring us closer to nature. The content we share builds a bridge between important research and society.

We live on a blue planet

Around 70% of Earth are covered by oceans, yet 99% of the ocean floor remain unmapped and more than 80% of the ocean are still unexplored. 

Giving 10%

Crùbag supports marine science and education by sharing 10% of the profits with research institutions and through directional designs and products paired with ocean literacy content, printed and online. 

Wear your values

All our products are designed by us in Scotland and are made, with care for people and the natural environment, using sustainable materials. All our pieces are slow-produced combining skilled craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. Each item is finished by hand in the UK and Italy.

A large proportion of the air we breathe comes from phytoplankton

"After completing my studies in marine science, I realised then, that I had to share this unseen world of the oceans, beyond pretty seashells, whales and dolphins, and textiles were the perfect medium."

The Founder

Jessica Giannotti is the founder of Crùbag, the Blue Planet of fashion and textiles. Jessica is responsible for the design and creation of the collections. She establishes collaborations with marine scientists, research institutions and other organisations. One key strength is that Jessica is an artist as well as a marine science graduate and fully understands the world of design, ocean sciences and environmental education.

Let's save Planet A

You will explore a world of fascinating marine life, ecosystems, natural processes, and exciting scientific discoveries. We love our planet and see the oceans as awe-inspiring interconnected systems, and we all are part of it! 

By sharing the story behind your products and talking to others about our oceans, you will share the knowledge that can empower us to save our planet. Every purchase matters.

Our studio is an old teaching marine laboratory close to the beach

We are right there at the source of inspiration. With a studio in the old teaching lab at the Scottish Marine Institute by Oban in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland, Crùbag draws constant inspiration from its setting. We are just a few metres from stunning beaches and lochs!

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