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Marine Science is Beautiful

At Crùbag, we merge marine science and art to create bold designs and colourful accessories to bring joy, raise awareness and save our oceans.

Inspired design from the exploration of the ocean

Crùbag is a Scottish brand merging science, design and art to create a unique world of directional print designs and sustainable luxury accessories inspired by the sea. 

Our mission is to share the beauty of our colourful planet, reveal the unseen oceans and support marine science through vibrant print designs and treasurable products as tangible reminders of our natural world. Crùbag is a creative platform to celebrate our blue planet, spread ocean literacy and discuss some of the biggest environmental issues of our time.

Sharing our profits to support our oceans

We give back 10% of our profits to support important research to further understand and preserve our oceans and tackle some of the biggest environmental issues of our time.

Ocean Inspired Design

We love our planet and see the oceans as awe-inspiring interconnected systems, and we all are part of it! Crùbag’s founder and designer Jessica Giannotti creates colourful print designs that reveal unseen patterns in nature. She works in collaboration with marine scientists and research institutions to produce sustainable textile collections inspired by their exciting work.

Each piece is a conversation starter and takes you on a journey to discover the beauty, richness and diversity of our oceans. The story and inspiration behind our designs and collections is shared as multimedia content available to all. We also include ocean-literacy booklets and campaign postcards in our plastic-free packaging with each purchased item. 

Our planet needs us now more than ever. We give back 10% of our profits to collaborating science institutions such as the Scottish Associations for Marine Science to support their important research on marine conservation, sustainable use of our oceans and environmental issues like climate change, plastic pollution and biodiversity loss.

We live on a blue planet

Around 70% of Earth are covered by oceans, yet 99% of the ocean floor remain unmapped and more than 80% of the ocean are still unexplored. 

Together we can change the world. With each purchase...

You will have a beautiful one-of-a-kind, ocean-inspired piece. Enjoy a colourful world and feel connected to nature.

You will gain a deeper understanding of your blue planet.

You will explore a world of fascinating marine life, ecosystems, natural processes and exciting scientific discoveries.

You will see unexpected and unseen beauty, from our microscopic oceans to the most inaccessible places on earth, like seamounts in the deep sea. 

Your will receive an ocean-literacy booklet with your product, sharing the science and inspiration behind the design.

You will become an ocean activist, support marine science and marine conservation by helping to fund vital science and marine education projects.

You will help spread ocean literacy, by sharing the story behind your products and talking to others about our oceans advancing the knowledge that will help us save our planet. Every contribution matters.  

You will support a small business with a global mission and join the movement of slow sustainable fashion and ethical production.

Help us spread the message, inspire positive actions and be an agent of change.

And yes, if design and quality is what matters to you, enjoy the happiness of a colourful world of exquisitely-made products and vibrant and directional print designs that are outrageously different.  

Join the ocean tribe. 

Our Products

All prints and products are designed in our studio by the coastal town of Oban. 

Directional print designs are digitally printed on exquisite base-fabrics made of natural fibres like the finest silks, modal/cashmere, and cotton/silk blends. Every item is finished by hand.

Our planet is not a limitless dispenser of natural resources, to protect it and do our part we only produce small runs in Scotland, England and Italy and will start launching limited editions very soon.

We offer bespoke services, please get in touch to discuss your ideas. It is a joy to create high quality, treasured products made for you with love and care for people and the environment.


We need to think about our children and other living creatures. What kind of planet are we leaving to the next generations? Sustainable production that is kind to people and the environment and moving away from fast fashion is very important to us. We believe in slow fashion and organic growth. We are taking the slow and steady route to make sure the end result is one of lasting beauty and personal value to all of us. 

Our ethos is to source responsibly, seek the most sustainable forms of printing, reduce waste by using offcuts and print errors in the creation of new products. Our eco-friendly packaging is free of plastic and our outreach materials are printed on 100% recycled non-laminated paper. We make every effort to avoid single-use plastics and are working towards a clear traceable supply chain, working with manufacturers and suppliers that share our ethos and passion for environmental, social and economic sustainability.  

Crùbag’s accessories are sustainably made combining cutting-edge printing technology with traditional craftsmanship. We chose digital printing to reduce our waste output, which uses fewer chemicals and water in the printing process than traditional screen printing. It also gives us the freedom to work with colours. Digital printing requires specialised craftsmanship, the processes involved such a steaming and colour settings can vary from run to run, The humidity of the day or variations in the base fabric can alter the results. The combination of using natural raw materials, sophisticated printing equipment and specialised craftsmanship requires a continuous assessment of the processes involved. Each print run is unique and print houses have perfected their craftsmanship to offer innovation, great results and sustainability.

Please join us on our journey, as we develop an ethical and sustainable brand you are proud of.

Our studio is an old teaching marine laboratory close to the beach

We are right there at the source of inspiration. With a studio in the old teaching lab at the Scottish Marine Institute by Oban in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland, Crùbag draws constant inspiration from its setting. We are just a few metres from stunning beaches and lochs!

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