Experience Eury's Aubergine Silk Chiffon Scarf. Wear the intricate design and become immersed in the subtle oriental patterns beautifully interconnected with harmony and depth.

Creator's Vision - If you look closer, you’ll see seven chambers, all interconnected. Inspired from the connections found within our own bodies, we wanted this scarf to represent the heart with its veins and arteries in a fractal thread of cosmic sacred geometry.  This collection is one of our favourites.
The Scientific Story - The Eury Pattern belongs to the Gachon Collection and was created using microscopy images of the warfare between the marine algae Ectocarpus and a pathogen, the beautiful red oomycete Eurychasma. With this scarf, you will be on the front lines of one of nature's most ancient struggles.
Size & Composition - 100% Silk Twill, Rolled Edges, Made in the UK, 160cm x 30cm, Dry Clean Only.