Brighten up any summer outfit with your marine-inspired Anoxia Silk Scarf from the Flora Collection. 

Creator's Vision  - Created from images of large algal blooms, this scarf represents the aquatic circle of life found in mass mortality events. Nature is beautiful -- even in death. We wanted to soften this poignant theme with a bit of colour and used graffiti style drawings to create the pattern to represent nature in its most extreme forms.
The Scientific StoryAnoxia, the absence of oxygen in the water, can happen after a high-density bloom has grown. As cells from the bloom begin to die off, dead algae sink out of the surface layer, and bacteria break down the organic matter. The bacteria that break down the dead organic matter use oxygen and produce carbon dioxide as humans do, rapidly depleting the surrounding water of oxygen --  thus suffocating other organisms in the water body and causing a mass mortality event.
Composition & Size - 100% Silk Twill, Rolled Edges, Made in the UK, 67cm x 67cm, Dry Clean Only.