Experience a piece from the Flora Collection. With this anxoia silk pocket square, you will be wearing a piece of the circle of life.

Creator's Vision - Inspired by images of large algal blooms that cause hypoxia and anoxia. We wanted to soften this poignant theme with a splash of colour and used a unique graffiti style drawing to create the design found on the pocket square. Here, we show nature in it's most extreme form. 
The Scientific StoryAnoxia, the absence of oxygen in the water, can happen after a high-density algal bloom has grown to an uncontrollable size. Many pollutants contain nitrogen, which acts as a fertiliser for algae. As these pollutants seep into the waterways, the algae in the water starts to grow very rapidly. As algal cells begin to die off, the dead algae sink out of the surface layer and bacteria break down the organic matter. These bacteria rapidly deplete the surrounding water of oxygen, suffocating all other organisms in the water body and causing the death of thousands of fish and invertebrates.
Composition & Size - 100% Silk Twill, Rolled Edges, Made in the UK, 40cm x 40cm, Dry Clean Only.