Not one, but four hearts filled with diamonds connect the Hearts of Diamonds Silk Scarf. Wear a living heart, connecting you with the unseen corners of the ocean.

Creator's Vision - We wanted you to feel connected and embraced. Another favourite from the Gachon Collection, this organic and luxurious silk chiffon scarf will add an understated elegance and sophistication to your look. A grounding piece, reds and greens will beautifully merge with the translucent greys.
The Scientific Story - This scarf features Ectocarpus algae with a mature stage of the pathogen Eurychasma sporangium, about to release spores and restart its life cycle. Discover more about the science that inspired the Gachon Collection. 
Size & Composition - 100% Silk, Rolled Edges, Made in the UK, 140cm x 110cm, Dry Clean Only.