Experience the vibrant maxi Freedom Colourful Scarf from the Gachon Collection -- an extravagance of colour, with an urban and playful twist.

Creator's Vision  - A modern statement piece for the bold and the dreamer, the Freedom Colourful Silk Scarf is inspired by the Eurychasma pathogen. We wanted to create a graffiti, urban style on a classic design. The colours are meant to clash and set you apart from the grain.
The Scientific Story - The design captures the moment in time when the Eurychasma pathogen enters the algae. The spore is now attached to the algal cell - the calm before the storm. We live in a blue planet and love sharing unseen ocean stories with you, revealed by scientists with the help of state-of-the-art microscopes.
Size & Composition - 100% Silk Twill, Rolled Edges, Made in the UK, 138cm x 138cm, Dry Clean Only.