A much loved favourite and one of our most popular pieces, the Fernanda Black Silk Chiffon Scarf will add luxuriousness and will elevate your outfit. Experience a bold statement piece that will beautifully blend with your style.

Creator's Vision - The Fernanda Series are our most popular line of scarves. This sumptuous and soft silk chiffon maxi scarf is inspired by the beautiful Italian dresses made and worn by the grandmother of Jessica Giannotti Gonzalo, Crùbag founder. We wanted to convey a piece of Jessica's childhood in the design and help you experience the warmth she experienced from her grandmother. The style and sober elegance represented by this piece is inspiring, refreshing, and timeless.
The Scientific Story - Fernanda scarves show the intricate world of marine algae Ectocarpus and the beautiful pathogen, a red oomycete named Eurychasma - a warfare in a tiny world revealed by microscopy and science. We encourage you to share this fascinating ocean story.
Size & Composition - 100% Silk Chiffon, Rolled Edges, Made in the UK, 138cm x 138cm, Dry Clean Only.