Experience an ancient, unseen struggle. With this pocket square, you will be wearing one of the ocean's most dynamic clashes

Creator's vision - Inspired by the hidden struggle between the pathogen Eurychasma and the marine algae Ectocarpus, Candy surprise is one of our signature designs from the Gachon Collection. We wanted to show a kaleidoscopic explosion of lush reds, dynamic greens and soft greys.
The Scientific Story - Created using microscopy images of marine algae Ectocarpus and the beautiful red oomycete pathogen Eurychasma, candy surprise shares the story of a microscopic arms race. Pathogens, or organisms that cause disease, are constantly evolving to overcome the natural defenses of their targets. In this example, Ectocarpus has lost the fight.
Size & Composition - 100% Silk Twill, Rolled Edges, Made in the UK, 33cm x 33cm, Dry Clean Only.