Get creative with one of our unique, zero-waste sustainable notebooks, made with fabric offcuts from our sampling and production processes!

Creator's Vision - With this design, we wanted to show you the froth of the summer sea and inspire a sense of lightness. Whether it be for journaling, sketching, or just studying, we want you to have a unique and original piece that expresses your values and individuality. Each design is created by our founder, Jessica Giannotti, working in collaboration with ocean researchers and other educational institutions dedicated to preserving our beautiful planet. This notebook pairs with the Phaeocystis Blue Silk Scarf and Pocket Square. 
The Scientific Story - The individual cells of this alga form globs. The globs then form colonies as a linked chain of sugars called a polysaccharide gel matrix. The phaeocystis depicted here are just one type of marine algae.
Composition and Size - Notebooks are A5 in size.Traditionally hand-bound with silk and high quality paper. Actual print placement may vary from the website display, as these are hand made items with unique fabric offcuts.